The ideal Work-Life-Balance

Everyone who works for Vorwerk is a member of the family. And that is exactly how we treat all of our staff. This, too, is what the ALL IN ONE principle means to us as a family-owned company. We are very well aware that our people can only bring the required performance and efficiency to their job if they can get the balance between their home and working lives right. That’s why we do our utmost to maintain that balance and to make our employees’ lives better.

Work and Working Hour Models

As in every family, people have their own ways of doing things. That’s why our staff can rely on rules and arrangements adapted to their personal needs and changes in their circumstances.

Family Support

To us, the family is and will always be the greatest asset of all. After all, we are one big family. The basis for trust, understanding and a sense of security and safety lies in the way we interact as a family. That is why we offer our staff benefits that promote loyalty and increase our shared pleasure in the work we do. 


Body and soul must be in harmony if someone is to do a really good job. Not least for this reason, the health of our staff is something we care about deeply. We promote the health and well-being of our staff by providing special facilities and activities.